Submit Your Domain for Sale

If you have a domain name that you would like to list for sale on StubbsDomains, we have a range of advertising options for you.   You can opt to pay a small listing fee of £10 and a 10% commission on the final selling price, Or you can pay a larger upfront fee of £25, and pay just 5% commission on the final selling price, or finally, you can pay an upfront fee of £50 with no commission payable on the final selling price.   Discounts are available for multiple domain listings, these are automatically applied if you choose to list more than 1 domain name.

You must tell us a buy it now price for your domain name.   We cannot list your domain for sale without a fixed buy it now price.   You decide what your domain name is worth, we will advertise your domain name for whatever price you want to achieve for it.    If your domain name is purchased via the website, you will be notified as soon as possible of the pending sale.    The order will not fully complete until the payment has been received from the customer.   You will also be notified when this happens.    We will then ask you to transfer the domain name to the customer, before releasing your funds via bank transfer, less any commission payable to us.  

Please understand that paying for a listing on this website does not guarantee that your domain name will be successfully sold, however, it will increase exposure to your domain name, which may lead to a sale.

For full details and to list your domain for sale, click here.