About Us

We specialise in the sale and acquisition of premium e-commerce domain names. Our privately-owned domain portfolio contains some of the most sought after e-commerce domain names currently available in the UK marketplace.   We started registering domains back in 2004, and some of the domains featured in our portfolio have been owned by us for over 12 years.   We can also list your domain name for sale on our website.  We offer a range of options to suit your budget.  Please go to the Submit Your Domain section, if you would like to list your domain name for sale.

Our domain prices are not set in stone, we do have buy it now prices for all our domain name listings, but we are negotiable to some degree.   If the Buy It Now price on a particular domain name you're interested in is above what you were hoping to pay then please feel free to submit your best offer to us for consideration, via our contact us page.

We must receive cleared payment from you before we can transfer your domain name to you and for this reason we only accept payments by Online Bank Transfer.